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How To Be An Ally To the +

Author: Evelien Feys.Time: 10 min You have probably noticed that in many forms of the acronym, be it LGBT+, LGBTQ+ or LGBTQIA+, there is a ‘+’ at the end of it. This post will give you some more information on why people put it there and what it can mean. So what does the + […]

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Opinion: “Can straight actors play LGBT roles?”

There has been some controversy surrounding the question whether straight actors can or should play LGBT roles. The answers have been very short and very simple: usually it’s something along the lines of “yes, it is called acting”. But this question is actually a very complex one, and sassy one-liners really don’t do the job […]

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// Dutch version below //  Are you concerned about the world around you? Do you believe that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference? Join the Undivided Ally Campaign. Openness and inclusion are at the heart of this campaign, so whether you are gay or straight, trans or cis, we are reaching […]

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