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Ableist micro-aggressions

How to be an ally to an autistic person (part 1) Autism is a neurological difference. It’s a lifelong developmental disability that is different for each autistic individual. It is estimated that about one in 160 people is autistic, though numbers differ highly as not every autistic individual has an official diagnosis.[1] Support for our […]

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Collective responsibility

An essay by a philosophy student. I’ve always been very interested in collective responsibility. I spent my days last summer reading about transformational justice, both as a response to mass incarceration as well as to (sexual) abuse.  I was hoping that that in some of my philosophy courses we would use history and theories to […]

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#TryHarder Leuven

Launching #TryHarder Leuven Campaign Violence, sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying are ubiquitous phenomena in every social setting. Universities are no exception to this rule, and neither is the KU Leuven. However, they often fail to address these issues. UNDIVIDED received multiple stories about KU Leuven failing to address acts of unacceptable behaviour, such as sexual […]

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Borderline Personality Disorder: Inside My Mind

“I lost my goddamn mind…it happens all the time.” – Falling in Reverse, The drug in me is reimagined. So, borderline personality disorder. Commonly known as BPD, often confused with bipolar disorder (also commonly known as manic depression). I only know about bipolars in a superficial psychology level, but I know for sure that one […]

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Unlimited uncontrollable empathy

(Nederlands – English) There is an English translation below. Deze column verscheen eerder in de tweede editie van Spijker magazine. Een online gratis feministisch tijdschrift dat werkt op basis van vrijwilligers. Onbegrensde oncontroleerbare empathie Ik ben autistisch, altijd al geweest maar relatief recent gediagnosticeerd. Er zijn veel vervelende dingen die mensen zeggen als je ‘uit […]

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Where are the female professors?

Auteur: Maysa MariposaLeestijd: ca. 10 min. OPINION OF THE AUTHOR – UNDIVIDED is not responsible for author’s opinions. Nederlands onderaan. ESSAY Author: Maysa MariposaReading time: ca. 10 min. My goal this semester was to only choose electives with female or non-white professors. I felt quite done with all those white, cis-male, neurotypical professors that are […]

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Bang van ecofeminisme?

Deze column is ook te vinden in de eerste editie van Spijker, een nieuw online feministisch magazine dat volledig gratis toegankelijk is. Met hun magazine willen ze lezers bewust maken van het actuele belang van gendergelijkheid en de voordelen van feminisme. *** Bang van ecofeminisme “Nee, feminisme moet zich enkel bezighouden met de rechten van […]

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