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Narcissism in Art

“Understanding both sides”: empathy or cruelty?                                 Waking up on the 25th November, Domestic Violence Awareness Day, and upon seeing all of the usual Facebook posts about people telling women “they are not alone”, that support exists, that violence is not tolerated, I sighed. Women are alone. But then I thought of it, and everyone […]

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#DecolonizeKULeuven manifesto

On 14 February 2018 we officially launched our work as a student-led platform. Intersectionality was and is at the core of our work. The students we worked with gave input on where our focus should be, and they chose to focus on the topics of gender within academia, LGBTQ+ students and the decolonisation of curricula. […]

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Stigma on non-monosexual identities

PODCAST LINK What are biphobia, panerasure and monosexism? Bi and pansexuality are both a non-monosexual identity, and seem very similar. Even bi/pansexuals seem to use the labels freely depending on the situation. But there are some differences, mainly in terms of stigma and prejudices. The stigma on non-monosexual identities is more severe than on lesbian/gay […]

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Pansexuality: fluidity, stigma and mental health

Time to read: 10 min.Author: Maysa Mariposa. Podcast version Pansexuality: fluidity, stigma and mental health What is pansexuality? What does it mean? What are the prejudices and stigmatic beliefs about people who define themselves as pansexual? And what are the consequences of (interiorized) stigma on their mental and sexual health? Pansexuality is a little known, […]

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Where are the female professors?

Auteur: Maysa MariposaLeestijd: ca. 10 min. OPINION OF THE AUTHOR – UNDIVIDED is not responsible for author’s opinions. Nederlands onderaan. ESSAY Author: Maysa MariposaReading time: ca. 10 min. My goal this semester was to only choose electives with female or non-white professors. I felt quite done with all those white, cis-male, neurotypical professors that are […]

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The problem with ‘comphet’

ESSAY Reading time: 20minAuthor: Evelien Feys This essay was written in response to this post about ‘comphet’. ‘Comphet’ is a contraction of ‘compulsory heterosexuality’. In contemporary (mostly online) discourse, it refers to the idea that heterosexuality is so self-evident and expected that lesbians can be convinced that they are actually into men. These women are […]

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Feminist reading groups

The past months many feminist book clubs and reading groups went online or were created to connect with each other through discussion of feminist topics. Here is an overview of English and Dutch feminist reading groups that will continue online the coming months. [MM] Feminist online book clubs and reading groups Feminist Society KU Leuven […]

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Vacancy volunteer manager at UNDIVIDED for KU Leuven

(English below) Vacature vrijwilligersmanager(jobstudent, 8u/week) Voor de positie van vrijwilligersmanager zijn wij op zoek naar een gedreven people manager met sterke sociale en analytische vaardigheden. UNDIVIDED for KU Leuven UNDIVIDED is een onafhankelijk diversiteitsplatform van en voor studenten verbonden aan KU Leuven. Het is een model waarbij studenten, verenigingen en personeel samen werken aan een […]

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Bang van ecofeminisme?

Deze column is ook te vinden in de eerste editie van Spijker, een nieuw online feministisch magazine dat volledig gratis toegankelijk is. Met hun magazine willen ze lezers bewust maken van het actuele belang van gendergelijkheid en de voordelen van feminisme. *** Bang van ecofeminisme “Nee, feminisme moet zich enkel bezighouden met de rechten van […]

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